Fatima is a very highly skilled person in her trade and SHOULD NOT have to retrain. no-matter what any government says.

It’s no secret, the last few years has been immensely hard for everyone working in the arts (or indeed many other industries that have been massively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic) and given the slashing of budgets by some political parties both presently and in years gone by, the pandemic and well, the general attitude towards arts being something that is more of a luxury than a necessity. In 2019 the UK government published a series of adverts that urged people to retrain in other areas of expertise. One of which is featured above and received widespread backlash from the arts community across the UK.

The advert was originally published in 2019 as part of the Government’s Cyber First campaign and carries the slogan: “Rethink. Reskill. Reboot.”

Given the state of things in the UK, mounting financial pressures on artists due to the pandemic, the plans to scrap funding for BTEC Performing Arts qualifications and the lack of genuine support for people who are self employed in the arts, we decided that something must be done.

This advert campaign just shows the blatant disregard that this government has for the arts and the people who work within this sector. As usual, the arts is left to fend for itself while massive bailouts are offered to many other industries that make up the UK economy.

To this government’s ‘Rethink. Reskill. Reboot’ campaign, we say “F*ck that!”. Why should we be made ‘unviable’ when we bring so much joy, culture, creativity, cultural cohesion, mental health support, music, movement, dance, vibrancy, inclusion, diversity, excitement, expressiveness, therapeutic benefits like theatre therapy in prisons, millions of pounds of investment the UK, TV, film, video, support for families, jobs for millions, intergenerational projects, – to name but a few benefits of the arts in the UK.

We have a problem in that we have thousands of artists out of work and the gap between their

Our response is a simple one. Let’s begin to support each other. How many other skills do you have as an artist. I’m sure there are many? Every artist must become a ‘swiss army knife’ of skills to survive in this climate of cuts and belligerent short-sightedness in funding. We need to learn to use these massively transferrable skills to continue to earn. This is where our company Fracture The Arts comes in.

We are proposing a new platform where artists from all backgrounds can sell their work, classes, workshops, livestreams and courses to support them through this difficult time.

  • Lets say Fatima from the campaign above, wants to perform an excerpt from swan lake in her back garden in the snow. She would be able to sell tickets via the platform to her live event and then earn a repeating income each time her work is viewed after the event too.
  • She may make a series of tutorial videos to learn how to perform parts of the performance she did and charge via the platform for this.
  • She may use the platform to distribute helpsheets for aspiring dancers or offer a Q&A which she could also earn from.

The idea is that although Fatima may be out of work at the moment, it doesn’t mean that she is redundant, it simply means that she must tweak her medium of performance to suit ‘The age of covid’. This is just

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